NEW Japanese Government Rules to Expand Job Opportunities for Foreign Students Seeking Jobs

The Japanese government has established a new policy to widen the range of applications for working visas so that international students can get jobs more easily after they graduate.

Until now foreign students in Japan would have to leave once they had finished their studies or desperately look for [English Teaching] jobs before their visa ran out.

With the new rule, for instance, students who studied computer science are required to apply for a working visa categorized under the “Technology” status of residence, and they then have to find a job which falls within the field of that status, such as an engineering position.

Under the new regulations, however, the current status of residence “Designated Activities” will be revised and its scope will be expanded more broadly to include industries and occupations which only require a certain level of Japanese. This change allows international students to also get a wider range of positions, like a service job in a restaurant. The government aims to implement its new policy from April next year.

In Japan, although the number of international students has been increasing year by year, only 30% of them have successfully got a domestic job after their graduation.

The new policy reflects the government’s intention to encourage a lot more international students to stay in Japan by making it easier for them to find a domestic job. Thanks to this new policy, there will be more job opportunities for international students who want to stay and work in Japan.

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